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Restoring from Backup

Restoring from Backup

Restoring Cerberus data is made easy through RDS snapshots and CloudFormation parameters.

Restore to an Existing Cerberus Environment

In the AWS Console:

  1. Navigate to Services -> RDS -> Snapshots
  2. Type the Cerberus environment name into the snapshot filter search bar (e.g. test)
  3. Click the link for the desired snapshot
  4. On the snapshot details page, copy the DB snapshot name
  5. Navigate to Services -> CloudFormation
  6. Type the Cerberus environment name into the CloudFormation Stack filter search bar (e.g. test)
  7. Select the database stack (e.g. ENV-cerberus-database)
  8. Click the Actions dropdown and select Update Stack
  9. Make sure Use current template is selected, then click Next
  10. On the Specify Details page, paste the copied DB snapshot name into the ‘snapshotIdentifier’ field
  11. Click Next
  12. Click Next again
  13. Click Update

Restore to a New Cerberus Environment

Add the following to the Cerberus ‘environment.yaml’ before creating the environment:

    primary: true
      size: db.r3.large
      # To create a new environment from a rds backup snapshot uncomment below and supply the db cluster snapshot identifier
      db-cluster-identifier: foo-bar

Next, follow instructions on Creating a Cerberus Environment.