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Brickflow Overview

The objective of Brickflow is to provide a thin layer on top of databricks workflows to help deploy and manage workflows in Databricks. It also provides plugins/extras to be able to run airflow operators directly in the workflows.

Brickflow to Airflow Term Mapping

Object Airflow Brickflow
Collection of Workflows Airflow Cluster (Airflow Dag Bag) Project/Entrypoint
Workflow Airflow Dag Workflow
Task Airflow Operator Task
Schedule Unix Cron Quartz Cron
Inter Task Communication XComs Task Values
Managing Connections to External Services Airflow Connections Mocked Airflow connections or Databricks Secrets
Variables to Tasks Variables Task Parameters [ctx.get_parameter(key, default)]
Context values (execution_date, etc.) Airflow Macros, context["ti"] ctx.<task parameter>