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NIKE is a technology company. From our flagship website and five-star mobile apps to developing products,managing big data and providing leading-edge engineering and systems support, our teams at NIKE Global Technology exist to revolutionize the future at the confluence of tech and sport. We invest in and develop advances in technology and employ the most creative people in the world, and then give them the support to constantly innovate, iterate and serve consumers more directly and personally. Our teams are innovative, diverse, multidisciplinary and collaborative, taking technology into the future and bringing the world with it.

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Featured Open Source Projects

Willow is a powerful, yet lightweight logging library written in Swift.

Elevate is a JSON parsing framework that leverages Swift to make parsing simple, reliable and composable.

Fast and Reliable E2E Web Testing with only Javascript

A CLI that utilizes Okta IdP via SAML to acquire temporary AWS credentials

Wingtips is a distributed tracing solution for Java based on the Google Dapper paper.

hal provides an AWS Lambda Custom Runtime environment for your Haskell applications.

Riposte is a Netty-based microservice framework for rapid development of production-ready HTTP APIs.

Powerful Swift wrapper for SQLite

A simple Jenkins command line client to serve your needs.

Provides an idiomatic Rust wrapper around the AWS Greengrass Core C SDK to more easily enable Greengrass native lambda functions in Rust.

Libraries that can be used to determine if a feature should be exposed to a user.

Harbormaster is a webhook handler for the Kubernetes API.

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